Synod on Synodality

Listening and Discerning Together

The diocesan phase of the Church’s Synod on Synodality has begun in our diocese. It’s time to share your voice with the Church and to listen and discern with others.

To join a local listening circle contact your local parish/mission.

To add your voice on-line please see our On-line Questionnaire


What is a Synod | Synod on Synodality | Goal of the Synod | Diocesan Phase | Prayer to the Holy Spirit | On-line Questionnaire


Everyone, especially those on the margins whom we do not usually hear from: the elderly, people who live in poverty, those in prison, migrants, people who feel distant from the Church.


Listening and discerning together


April 2022 – June 2022


In parishes, in the communities, and online


Learn to journey together as a Church

How Conversations, parish/community listening sessions – please contact your local community. Online survey – on the Diocesan Facebook page and website


The word synod comes from the Greek synodos, which has the general meaning of “walking together”. It offers an image of the Church as a pilgrim people, growing and developing on a journey of faith; a very different image from that of the Church as a structured institution.

A synodal Church expresses the Second Vatican Council vision of what the Church is called to be: the People of God in which all baptized share the same dignity, and the essential distinction between lay people, clergy, bishops etc. is a difference of vocation and role, not of superiority.


After the Second Vatican Council, representatives of Bishops from around the world would meet in assembly (a synod) every two or three years to address specific issues or themes of concern to the Universal Church. 

This current Synod on synodality is unique in that Pope Francis wants the whole Church to participate in a two-year process.  He opened the Synod in Rome in Oct 2021. Consultation will first begin in the local church (the Diocese), moving onto the National Conference of Bishops, and eventually ending with the assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome in October 2023.


Starting with each Diocese, the entire People of God is asked to be a part of this synod, sharing, reflecting and listening to each other to find out where the Holy Spirit is leading the Church as we journey and walk together

It calls for a new way of being Church.  It is hoped that through listening to one another, the Church may hear where God is leading her, and be renewed from her deepest roots so that we, as Church, can be more united to one another and be able to better reflect God’s love for the world.

The goal of this synod is not to find solutions, but to be attentive to how the Spirit speaks through the People of God.


In our Diocese, the preparatory work for our synod began in March. 

Listening sessions, where we share, reflect and listen to one another will take place in May.  For those who are not able to attend listening sessions locally, there will be other means of participating, e.g. online surveys, or meetings on zoom.

Input received will be forwarded to the Diocese for synthesis.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit


  1. Thank you for the rapid follow-up.

    This questionnaire is a BIG improvement over the one I saw from the Archdiocese of Edmonton (in my opinion) – presentation may not be as colourful and pretty, but content is infinitely more understandable and user-friendly!

    Thanks again.

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  2. Grateful that this diocese has participated in the synodal process. When and how will the diocesan synthesis/report be accessible?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the question Mark. As we currently are very busy gearing up for the diocesan trip to Edmonton for the visit with the Holy Father, we are going to release both the diocesan synod report and the western region synod report at the beginning of August. It will be released on our website page and we will announce it on our Facebook page.

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