Northern Bridge Community Partnership

We are proud as a diocese to be working alongside Northern Bridge Community Partnership.

Northern Bridge Community Partnership is working with indigenous and non-indigenous people and groups, connecting partners to nurture healing, empower youth and foster leadership.

The organization began with one person and one visit – Michael Bechard’s encounter with the north and its people. This turned into more visits, and relationships deepened. Over several years, significant trust has developed, and more and more connections have been made.

The destruction of relationships between settlers and indigenous people happened over centuries. We understand the injuries endured cannot be erased in a summer. Yet we are witnessing the healing power of our recurring visits to the north. One person’s dream has turned into something wonderful, and already our programs are making a positive difference. Imagine what we can all do together.

The team at Northern Bridge Community Partnership appreciates the opportunity to share with you our passion and our strong desire to work closely with our indigenous brothers and sisters in northern Canada.

We also look forward to working with many more individuals and organizations as we continue to forge meaningful partnerships.

Read more about this organization at their website

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